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Welcome to the Cielo Money Box
What is the Money Box? Cielo allows members to become resellers. You can earn money and credits with Cielo without any restrictions or limitations.

How to create a Money Box? You will automatically open a Money Box by becoming a Member. If you don’t have an account with Cielo,
apply for a FREE members account and sign in. You already booked with Cielo before or you already created an account, your box has been
activated automatically.

Attract clients Invite people to join your circle on Cielo. Click on the icons below to import your address books and send out your invitations.
(FYI, we don’t store your contacts emails, this information is yours and only yours).

What do I Earn? For every contact that accepts your invitation and registers as a new member, you will receive points and credits. For every person in your circle that makes a purchase on Cielo, you will get a minimum of 2% of their purchase value in your account.

My Box activity In your members area you will find detailed information about your Money Box activity.

Invite by Email

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Invite friends from your address book

Select from almost any online email service to import your friends' email addresses:
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